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Ladies Watch Strap Comparison: Metal vs Leather

This is ongoing tussle going on in the minds of the buyers, whether they should buy metal bracelet watches or they should opt for leather strap watches. Considering situations and utility, you can decide whether you want to go metal or leather strap. They both look equally good if they are manufactured by a reputed watch manufacturer such as Titan, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, and others.

Now, if we specifically deal with the watches for women, again we can say that the choice depends on various factors. For example, the selection of watch differs if you are into sports and it differs if you are a working professional. Similarly, the climate of the region can also affect your choice of a watch based on the strap. While there are numerous watches, both with leather and metallic straps, that will captivate your attention, we have tried to draw a comparison so that you can purchase your watch without any hassles.

Metallic Strap

Metallic straps or bracelets are the most sought-after watches on the market. Everyone likes to flaunt metallic strapped watches. But before you buy this, you should ensure whether these watches are ideal for you or not. This is dependent on various situations. For example, here we will consider the case of women into sports.

If you are into sports, you would understand that sweating is a routine affair. Under extensive sweating conditions, you need a watch that would not get degraded. Metallic strapped watches are ideal for these situations. For an instance, stainless steel does not corrode when it comes in contact with sweat. The same is true for rubber strapped watches as well. Moreover, divers also prefer stainless steel or rubber strapped watches. This is because they are water resistant as well.

However, under sweaty or humid conditions, you might get irritated with metallic strapped watches. This is because you have to periodically remove it, clean your wrist, and then wear it again. So, keep this factor in consideration while purchasing metallic strapped watches.

Further, for some buyers, metallic bracelet watches may be heavier than another type of watches. In this case, it is recommended to watch out for the design and the material used before confirming your purchase.

Metallic watches are prone to scratches. But, you should not worry about it. Periodic polishing sessions will take care of the scratches. Moreover, metallic strap watches are ideal for casual or party occasions.

Leather Strap

Now, coming to leather straps, it is strictly not suitable for those in sports. This is because sweat and water, both will degrade the leather considerably. Your watch will lose the grace that it had once if you wear it regularly for sports sessions.

For an elegant and stylish look, you should invest your money in leather strapped watches. For formal occasions, parties, and casual outings; leather strapped watches look comfortably stylish. If you are concerned about the fitting, you should know that with regular usage, the leather strap will form a firm grip on your wrist.

However, there are some precautions that you should take while purchasing leather strapped watches. In comparison to metallic straps, leather straps are lighter. But leather straps are prone to wear and tear. Therefore, you might have to consider replacing the leather strap few times.

Another factor is that leather straps may stink a lot after a certain period of usage. This is because leather strap absorbs sweat secreted from your skin. With regular usage, it keeps on absorbing and ultimately, it may smell really foul. To prevent this, you can consider placing leather straps in bright sunlight.

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